sabato 28 luglio 2012

"Summer days..."

Hi my dear readers!
 Today (and maybe some others posts) I have to write in english, because I am very far from Italy and from my italian PC and keybord :o(.
 I'm in Prague, The Czech Republic!!!
 It's "my" city and I was living here for 23years and I'm here for 1month. It's something like holidays for me, but I have to say that not only this...
 I did some shopping, I met a lots of my old friends and I met some parents...

 I'm after operation :o(... NOTHING very dangerous, but I don't feel very well yet. I had problems after gave birth of my daughter and these problems I had almost 3years!!!!! So I started to do something :o) and I hope that it will be better.

 In my life are so many changes that sometimes I think that it's not my life or very BAD joke, but I'm very optimistic and I say: "DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY!!!"

 I will start to work on some new posts and I will show you some pictures from my adventure.

 I hope that you enjoy summer days and you are fine! I miss you and I hope to see you soon with some of my new post.
 Xoxo V. V.

23 commenti:

  1. Che attimi gioiosi! Tu bellissima anche semplice e naturale1

  2. The kid is so adorable....n ur pics look so simple yet so beautiful maybe it's the joy that can be see in the pics that really matters...

    Anywaz do check out my new post aswell

  3. ciao Vera!! Praga deve essere senz'altro una città bellissima!! queste immagini sono adorabili, siete entrambi molto teneri insieme!!:) Un bacio e buona domenica cara!:*

  4. uh, dolcissime queste immagini :) allora divertiti a Praga, e in bocca al lupo per l'operazione! :)
    bisous xxx

  5. oh vera im really so sorry to hear about you being unwell, i send you all my love and best wishes and i will be thinking of you and hope your better soon, my friend had awful trouble after she had her daughter too, the things women have to endure, its so unfair, your daughter is just as beautiful as you my dear friend, have a great trip in prague i hope you have lots of fun with your old friends, i cant wait to hear all about it miss u too but look forward to your next post, lots of love to you my dear friend, kisses xx leonie


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